Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2018 — The Sound of Screens Imploding — Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève

Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement

The Sound of Screens Imploding

Opening Days 08-11.11.18

Exhibition until 03.03.19

Tobias Madison

O Vermelho do Meio-Dia

(Brazil/Switzerland · 2018 · 45 min · Portuguese and English, English subtitles)
O Vermelho do Meio-Dia
occupies the space between documentary and improvisation, enabling an investigation of the idea of the Other as well as its various constructed perspectives and depictions. The film interweaves two stories which fundamentally diverge despite overlapping. On the one hand, there is a party, its premises, guests, music, class, gender, which build a big “coming together.” On the other hand, a conversation between transgender members of an art collective moves between scripted interactions and improvisation. Revolving around a Bataillean sadomasochistic tale about the falling outs in a community on the brink of war, the films hinges on a perspectivist interplay between scripted and “real” conflict.

Tobias Madison takes the isolated artistic process and expands it to include cooperative practice. He shuttles between refusal and participation, withdrawal and exposure, community spirit and calculated outsourcing. In doing so, he works his way at the edge of found formats: the work, the exhibition, as well as the figure of the “young” artist.

Tobias Madison
b. 1985, Basel, CH
Lives/works in New York, US & Zurich, CH

Cinéma Spoutnik
Premiere & conversation
Friday, November 9, 6pm

Cinema Dynamo
Screening everyday at 1.29pm